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Since 1930, Quam speakers has been committed to building the best all-round customer experience for commercial loudspeaker system integrators, distributors and OEMs. No games, no gimmicks, just good people delivering great products and great service at a great value. So if you're searching for audio, tile-replacement/lay-in, vandal resistant, or UL listed commercial loudspeakers for paging, mass notification, sound masking or background music, look no further. With just a few clicks, you’ll find everything you need — and always in stock.


2' x 2' class UL Listed Tile Replacement Speaker , 8" O.D. speaker, 5 ounce magnet, 5W-25/70V transformer, integrated back box

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8" O.D. speaker, 10 ounce magnet, 25/70V transformer, round studded baffle

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8" O.D. dual cone loudspeaker, 10 oz. magnet, 8Ω impedance

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Steel, Stud Mount Baffle for 8" O.D. speaker

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Back Box Enclosure - UL LISTED UUMW - steel, round with two (2) snap-in tie off straps, 275 CID

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20W, Embossed positions, 10-step, UL Listed

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690 CID Standard Assembly, 4W-70V rotary select transformer, CITY OF CHICAGO-APPROVED

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Wall Mount, Square, Vandal Resistant, Horn loudspeaker assembly

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