Those who know better know Quam

“ last thing: which loudspeakers?” Whether you’re designing the latest mass notification network or rehabbing a paging system, choosing the right commercial loudspeakers is usually an end-of-the-line decision. For knowledgeable pros, making the right decision is easy. Quam has been the first name in the last thing you think about since 1930.


690 CID Standard Assembly, 4W-70V rotary select transformer, CITY OF CHICAGO-APPROVED

8" O.D. Loudspeaker, 8 Ohm Impedance (pair*)

2' x 2' UL Listed Fire Signaling Device With Built-In Junction Box For Mass Notification & Emergency Communications

2' x 2' UL Listed Fire Signaling Device with Mounts for Strobes, Smoke Detectors, Indicator Lights, & Cameras

2' x 2' class UL Listed Tile Replacement Speaker, 6-1/2" O.D. LF speaker /1" HF, Extended Response., 20W-70V rotary select transformer, integrated back box

Wall Mount, Square, Stainless Steel, Vandal Resistant, Horn loudspeaker assembly

Two (2) each: C10X/BU/WS, ERD8U, SSB-3, 5W-25/70V transformer

Call station with two push-to-call button switches, 1-gang