Those who know better know Quam

“ last thing: which loudspeakers?” Whether you’re designing the latest mass notification network or rehabbing a paging system, choosing the right commercial loudspeakers is usually an end-of-the-line decision. For knowledgeable pros, making the right decision is easy. Quam has been the first name in the last thing you think about since 1930.


2' x 2' Tile Replacement System with Mounts for Strobes, WAP, WLAN, Indicator Light and Cameras

A complete 8" O.D., moisture resistant loudspeaker system designed for clean room environments.

8" O.D. speaker, Wall Mount, Square, Slanted, WHITE, 5W-25/70V transformer

4" O.D. speaker, Drive-Thru Menu Board Speaker, Black, 8Ω

2' x 2' class UL Listed Tile Replacement Speaker, 6-1/2" O.D. LF speaker /1" HF, Extended Response., 20W-70V rotary select transformer, integrated back box

Wall Mount, Square, Stainless Steel, Vandal Resistant, Horn loudspeaker assembly

2' x 2' Support Bridge and built-in '1900' electrical junction box device mount for 3rd party strobes, smoke detectors, indicator lights, and cameras.

Paging Horn on Square VP baffle- 16W, 25/70V transformer