Our history is here. Our strengths are here.

Living in the shadow of the Great Depression, our namesake and founders shared a sense of determination and optimism; but along with that came expertise. J. P. Quam had manufacturing experience in phonograph motors and electronic parts, while Frank Nichols had a talent for metalworking. Together, these men and their complementary skills formed the basis of our company.

In the ‘30’s, much of the manufacturing of “store-bought” radios was done in the Midwest. Quam-Nichols was a principal original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the loudspeakers found in most of the brand name radios of the time. A few years later, we did the same for another new technology called television.

As one of the oldest loudspeaker manufacturers in continuous operation in the United States, Quam-Nichols has lived through numerous changes over the years. American made brands of consumer electronics are all but a memory, as most of the big brand names of that era are either gone completely, or gone offshore — along with their vendors. Not Quam-Nichols.

With a strong manufacturing base and well-trained workforce already in place, we chose to emphasize our core strengths and adapt our business plan to the changing market. We have always called Chicago our home. Our strengths are here, our resources are here —and we’re successful here.