Case Studies

Audio and Advocacy:
Bosma Enterprises Expands and Quam Delivers

As Indiana’s largest provider of employment and life-changing services to individuals experiencing vision loss, Bosma Enterprises employs a team of 210, and more than half of them are blind or visually impaired. Specializing in warehousing, outsourcing and packaging, Bosma is dedicated to creating job opportunities and delivering rapid, reliable and quality products to over 700 locations worldwide.

“We’re unique” explains Jason Bailey, their IT Director from his Indianapolis office. Passionate about his work, Jason knows opportunity changes everything.

And when it came to renovating a new 165,000 ft2 facility he seized the moment to upgrade the buildings current paging system. As the dedicated director of a non-profit with a strained budget Jason knew he’d be installing any speakers himself. He needed audial intelligibility, clarity and to deliver a safe and state-of- the-art environment to his employees that depend on succinct communication. He also wanted to keep it simple with a 2X2 ceiling tile replacement grid speaker. No cutting anything to size, no running a power block, just one continuous wire and immaculate sound.

He turned to Telecom Data to find a system to match his vision where Doug recommended Quam, and their custom volume controlled System 12 tile replacement lay-in speakers. Trusting his distributor’s experience an order was placed and the system arrived within the week.

“I’ve sent orders back before” Jason remembers, “but this one paid off.” He installed about 25 speakers over an entire floor in half a day. As a self-described music junkie, “I’m completely impressed with these things… you’d think these are $200 or $300 dollar speakers.”

And with the renovation near completion and a second facility scheduled to be renovated next year Jason’s placed another order.