Customer Service

Legendary Reliability

At Quam-Nichols, we believe that once installed, a loudspeaker shouldn’t need maintenance, repair or replacement. Property owners and installers should expect loudspeaker installations to outlast the building. With that mind set, Quam-Nichols consistently exceeds expectations with ‘right-out-of-the-box’ reliability and unparalleled customer service. This kind of unmatched durability and reliability comes from more than 80 years of hands-on, continuous product improvement.

Superior Customer Service

In business terms, when you contact us, we know that you “Need it now!” From order input to order completion, everyone at Quam-Nichols is focused on your satisfaction and fulfillment — on time and without fail. Over 95% of all orders are filled and shipped the next day – even Customer Specified Assemblies. These service benchmarks are the results of continuous process improvement since Day One.

Outstanding Value

Our commercial loudspeakers are designed, manufactured, assembled and quality-controlled under one roof — ours. There’s no wasted motion, delays or waiting for sub-assemblies to ship from over-seas vendors. Because we control the process, you not only get reliable, home-grown service but great products at a great price.

Made in Chicago

Many times, we’ve been asked why we don't source our products and components offshore. In truth, there are some components that are no longer made in America. Since our inception, Quam-Nichols’ strength has always been our location. Headquartered in a world-class city, Chicago has advantages beyond saving a few pennies. The Windy City provides an abundance of top-shelf vendors, business services, and the largest transportation hub in the U.S. We make it here — and we ship from here.