If Quam isn't on your short list, you're shorting yourself.

As you specify more end-to-end paging and mass notification solutions, you’ll come to realize that these systems typically have a weak link: their loudspeakers. In these situations, doesn’t it make sense to have a renowned loudspeaker company in your back pocket who can make a good solution great?

Made in Chicago isn’t pandering, it’s our promise.

With Quam, “Made in Chicago” means much more than simply buying American. Commercial loudspeaker products have been our sole focus since 1930. We build thousands of loudspeakers every week, right here in Chicago, and in the process we’ve built a rock-solid reputation for high-performing, highly intelligible, reliable loudspeakers. No prima donnas here. Quam is the workhorse of the commercial loudspeaker industry.

Form follows function.

As you roam our website, you’ll discover a vast array of commercial loudspeakers, intercoms, call buttons and paging accessories to suit just about any look, size, shape or finish, including many innovative tile replacement loudspeaker options. We design all of our products to compliment your aesthetic vision, not compete with it. That‘s how we roll.

Technology agnostic. Almost infinitely adaptable.

Quam loudspeakers are the choice that won’t come back to bite you. We build our loudspeakers to comply with the latest local codes and the most popular mass communication solutions. And because we understand that loudspeakers are often the last piece of the system to be considered, ours are designed to get along with almost any new technology you recommend. Ultimately, our speakers’ adaptability makes you more adaptable in realizing your clients’ vision.

Go on, think different. We have your back.

With nearly 90 years experience to learn from, we‘ve designed and refined all of our products to look and perform exceptionally in most environments. But sometimes a project calls for something a little different. Do you need a loudspeaker with more power or with different connection points or baffle design? No worries. Just ask. Odds are we can accommodate you. After all, we do own the factory.

We want to hear from you.

To learn more about how you can serve your clients better by adding Quam to your short list, contact our Quam consultant advisor at (773) 488-5800.


2' x 2' UL Listed Fire Signaling Device For Mass Notification & Emergency Communications

690 CID Standard Assembly, 4W-70V rotary select transformer, CITY OF CHICAGO-APPROVED

8" O.D. speaker, Beam Mount loudspeaker System, WHITE, 5W-25/70V transformer